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Baoji Tianchengtai Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. (“Baoji Tianchengtai”) was established in 2007 (with registered capital of RMB 1.5 million); it has 1 R&D technician, 15 staff, production workshop covering an area of 3000 square meters and offices covering an area of 505 square meters. Main products: titanium and titanium alloy profiled bar and composite sputtering target material made from rare nonferrous metals.

Machining Equipment: 1 set of 23m union drawing unit, 1 set of 450-ton pull straightener, 1 set of section unit, 1 set of 5-meter thermal treatment traveling crane furnace, 3 sets of hot correction units, 1 set of four-high mill, 1 set of surface grinding equipment of double-roller plate and 2 sets of gantry type sawing machines.

Testing Equipment: NitonXL2 handheld alloy analyzer, two test furnaces, mechanical property stretcher, hardness testing equipment, 1250° temperature detection gun made in US and digital ultrasonic flaw detector.

Testing institute of products factory inspection: West China Nonferrous Metals Research Institute, Baitai Experiment Center of China.

Our products are manufactured and supplied according to American standards, international standards, German standards and other standards. More than 80% of our products have been exported to international markets, including South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and China's Taiwan in Asia, Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Russia, etc. in Europe. We have very high reputation home and abroad and have established long-term trade relations with customers.

We adhere to the corporate philosophy “Good faith, quality first and endless pursuit of development”, seek development with technological innovation and provide first-rate products and excellent services to users home and abroad.

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